Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ex 20 - E Books

I went into Amazon, Kindle to do a book search for "Wuthering Heights" and found many different copies available in various formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio download, kindle edition. Eh? Backtracked to find out exactly what a 'Kindle' was - quite strange when you have absolutely no idea what it is and there are headings saying:

"See a Kindle in Your City. Want to see a Kindle? Visit the See a Kindle in Your City area to connect with Kindle owners and get a chance to see a Kindle in person. "

What could it be? Oh such relief when finding out it is a device to listen to your books on!! (Rather expensive though).

It made me think of when I was doing a "sell job" on playaways to a patron with a stack of Audio books and him saying "I just download them onto my ipod and listen whenever I want" - I was pleasantly enlightened ...

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