Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Exercise 8: Del.icio.us

I have to say I really liked this idea and found it pretty easy to get around. - the Youtube video explained it very well.
I can see it would be useful to be able to access info that others have already researched, got to be good if it can cut down your "surfing" time.
I searched out the recipes Tag and it was great, you can use it as an online Cook Book: from homemade marshmallows to a chocolate cake mixed & microwaved in a coffee cup to Whoopie Pie!?! (can you tell I have a sweet tooth?). I might even sign-up when - or if - I get to the end of 23 things!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Exercise 7.2: Searching for RSS feeds

Well I've finally got back to this after many delays and want to at least get this exercise finish before the start of another week - thankfully our foreign students depart this week so I may get some "me" time on the computer now that 3 girls have been cut to 1 ...

Had a look at the search tools for RSS feeds and quite liked the layout and look of Technorati but especially the ease of use of Topix.net. Syndic8.com didn't have the same friendly appeal so put me off - I'm a bit of a visual type (no not a bloke) but do love the new library books when they arrive, sorry I digress. Anyway didn't venture too far in just read a few news items and their postings but think you could probably go on for ever and search for anything and everything.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exercise 7.1: RSS Discovery

Successfully opened an account and subscribed to a few feeds: BBC News, NZ Herald, itunes top 25 songs, etc. Not sure if I would really use this - if I want to see a story in NZ Herald then I just go to the website they have new or updated stories highlighted and it is a bit easier to navigate but then this might appeal to some people. Not sure how it could help patrons in a library situation.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exercise #6 - Discovery

I have to say the thing I really love is my DVD Recorder with Hard drive - it is so easy to use!! Want to record something just push the record button - no rushing for a video tape, fast forwarding to the right place, hope that there is enough tape left. It's as simple as just pushing the red record button and away you go. Then you can watch your programme and 'jump' through the ads, or even edit them out and copy it to a disc if you like. Bliss!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Exercise #5: Take two

Mashups, Flickr tools, etc, etc. Had a bit of trouble finding them directly on the Flickr site - probably just me, it seems like a long week: not used to working everyday + having visitors + taxi service (for kids) + dealing with Insurance Companies (thanks to the latest of the recent storms), sorry I'm raving. But managed to find them through the links on the exercise instructions and like the trippermap.com site as would be great to do that with my photos from our trip overseas last year which are still languishing in the bag and on cds - I'm don't trust putting them on my computer, just in case ... but I can now load them onto Flickr for back-up, Great!

I can smell the coffee, I'm off ....

Exercise #4: MY Flickr Experience Take 2

Well here I am again, thinking I had done this but not as "instructed" - I'm not one of those people who read's the instruction book before assembling/plugging in something new, obviously that was my downfall. So the lesson has been learned!!!

My Flickr experience: I was pleased (even proud) that I managed to open an account AND download not one, but two photos, then managed to get one to my blog page and write a bit about it. My frustration was that I couldn't manage to change the title of it from it's "photo number" (and still can't) - any ideas? and therefore couldn't tag it as instructed.

Whilst some things seem straight forward and relatively methodical, others are excruciatingly frustrating and time consuming, which then "sours" alot of the current experience of achieving what you have - how can it be so hard to send off your blog to an email a/c!!!

Anyway I'm sure the answers to these and many more will be forthcoming if one is to "stick with it" - one is wavering somewhat at the moment!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ex #5. Flickr Fun

Well, what a beautiful country, and world we live in. I suppose if you can see the best of things you can also see the worst -haven't come across anything "yucky" at this stage!!
It's amazing what can be added to each photo in terms of comments etc. - can be positive or not so.

Also not a bad way to whittle away a rainy afternoon but reality bites and off to referee the fight over Sky TV's blunder at scheduling the Hannah Montana 3D movie premiere with the Bledisloe Cup rugby match - What were they thinking!!!!!

Flickr Fun

Originally uploaded by audreyswannack
With all the dreadful weather we have been having lately, I think back to January when we were lolling about in hammocks with a good book for most of the day and occasionally looking up to take in the spectacular view of the Hokianga Harbour in the North of the North Island, New Zealand