Friday, October 10, 2008

Ex 18 You Tube etc

At last I thought something that I've at least heard of and have visited before! Unfortunately I was to find that it was painfully, painfully slow at loading and as time is of the essence I didn't have the patience to wait and wait.
As I said I have dabbled a little bit before in You Tube and I really like it - just had a look at the old TV show "The Partridge Family" (I used to luuuuve David Cassidy - Who? I hear some of you say?!?) but would love to have another play when its back up to speed.
What I have learned is that my daughter has a username and even when signed in it doesn't make it any faster.
I think a library video could be both entertaining and informative - each library could make their own production - as long as we all don't have to dress up as "Super Librarian" - some of us look better in tights than others!!

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

The following tip may help with the painfully slow loading problem you are having:

TIP: If the video is very slow - open it up in a separate window (right click on the link and choose "Open in New Window"), start the video and minimise the screen so that the video can download completely. Once completely downloaded you can go and play it through.